What is www.WaahIndia.com About?

WaahIndia.com is a website that provides people with a means to make ‘Cash’ for giving their time, feedback, by contributing articles in www.WaahIndia.com or at our client’s website. It is not a get-rich quick scheme. It is realistically speaking a part-time job for House-wife, Students, Retired and perhaps a 2nd income for our members.

While some online job are scams, there are legitimate, well-paid opportunities available like www.WaahIndia.com and we require you have a computer, Internet connection, a telephone and your skills. You will be assigned an Event Captain who will give you Training, weekly work and answer your question from time to time. You will assign 2-3 hours of work per day, 5 days a week & 20 days a month. You can work any time /days of the week.

At www.WaahIndia.com , we also provide various ways to provide more ways to SAVE.

1. Members Make Money and Save Money from our Services and Products. House wife, Students, Retired?

2. Discount & Deals.

Before you go to a Restaurant, Hotels, a hair Salon or even buy a house – why not check what Discount and Deals we have to offer / by location and to see if you can grab some Discount. To check the latest list of Discounts & Deals go to http://www.waahindia.com/discount/discount-page

3. Post or Search our Classifieds.

Here is an opportunity to sell your Product or Service for Free. We suggest that you use smart titles and write keyword-rich descriptions to rank in search results. And logon to the website from time to time to update your service to be on top of the list. http://www.waahindia.com/classified-listing.php

4.Explore Jobs.

Search Jobs on WaahIndia.com, or apply to your jobs matching your skills and category. When you're ready to apply, make sure your proposal covers both your expertise and your work terms. Or you would like to post jobs and recruits workers. http://www.waahindia.com/jobs

1.Contribute Articles : Are you a writer who wants a display their work? Here is your opportunity to build a page dedicated to your writing. http://www.waahindia.com/contribute

 Looking to get Married?

Find the right Match! Our Matrimony services offers a free service and portal where you can create a page for yourself and communicate with others for free

Travel .

Get Travel tickets at the lowest rate. How it works. You request for a Ticket, our 100+ independent Travel agents will give you a Quote on the ticket price or suggest alternatives dates. You choose from the offers and get the best Rates!!

Apart from creating a Profile, you can connect with other members to ask question from ‘My Space’. Once you connect with a user you can go through their created posting, questions they ask and replies via ‘My Space’, Similar features are also provided in personal profile and the more you spend time, the more you can build it in an interesting manner.

And find more interesting things like ‘Free Things’, Gift Registry’; ‘Dr’s Blog’, . Here is a Website designed for all your needs.

Our Mission Statement

For our members: we aim to provide steady cash income in exchange for your time, writing and honest feedback. For our advertisers: we aim to provide data, content and targeted, engaged panelists for market research. For all: we aim to provide a safe and scam-free environment for the exchange of market research opinions.

What about my privacy?

You are right to be concerned about your privacy, and it is a matter we take very seriously. We will never share your email address or any personal information.

How do I get paid?

WaahIndia.com pays online from our Bank to yours transferred once every month. Is it safe? Yes. You can get a new bank account just for a transfer, if you feel.

Is this for real?

Yes you bet. Data posting, Content writing & Market research is big business, and the internet has made it possible to greatly reduce the cost of doing research. We work with all the major companies to provide a means for them to give you work & surveys, and for you to be compensated by them.

Is this a get-rich quick scheme?

No. You will never become rich at WaahIndia.com. All we promise is that you will get paid for your time. At best it offers you a work-from-home part-time solution.

What is the survey dashboard?

In short, it is the place you log in to each day, to see what surveys are available for you, what you have earned, when you can request a payout, the status of your payout and more. It is the heart of your home survey business. Oh, and by the way, it’s free.

Is this a daily job?

Yes. Our successful survey-takers have one thing in common: They all log in each and every day. Get in the habit of it of checking your work schedule posted in ‘My Space’ daily. You'll be amazed how quickly the cash adds up.

Will I ever be rejected?


Will you send me email?

Yes. Email is our primary means of communication. We send emails daily informing you of Jobs, survey invitations and other money-making opportunities, as well as important information and updates about the site, the survey & My Space. We work very hard to make these emails relevant, but when we miss the mark, feel free to ignore the email. Tomorrow may be better!

Will I be contacted by phone?

You may connect to your Event Captain. As part of a survey, you may be asked to participate in a phone survey. If you do not wish to participate, do not give your phone number. We will never call you.

How do I contact you?

contacted us at:

Technical Support – 8860186080. Business Advertisement - 9879926150