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  • Our Gift Registry

    What is Gift Registry?
    Gift registry is a wish list . Each item in the list represents 'Gifts' that you want from your near and dear ones on a 'Special occasion' such as your Birthday, Wedding, Showers, 'Anniversaries' etc .

    Who is a 'Gift Receiver'?
    A 'Gift Receiver' is someone who creates a wish list in of items they wish to receive. Gifts can be added online manually or 'Dropped' from online stores.
    Once the list is created for an occasion - Gift Receiver sends a link to the friends and relatives who are invited.

    Who is a 'Gift giver'?
    A gift giver is a friend, family member or office co-workers, who are requested to grace the occasion. A 'Gift Receiver' invites them to view the 'Wishlist' and given the opportunity to select an item or multiple items from the list if budget permits.
    Once a gift is selected, that gift becomes disabled to avoid duplicate purchase.

    A Gift registry system has several goals.

    • It facilitates dialog between gift givers and receivers. 'Gift Receiver' can compile a gift registry at www.WaahIndia.com and make it available to invitees.

    • Gift givers can then be certain that they are buying items that a receiver will appreciate.

    • A registry prevents duplicate and unwanted gifts.

    • www.WaahIndia.com stores deliver all of the gifts to the customers at a mutually convenient time before the event.

    How do I access my gift registries through www.WaahIndia.com?
    To access a gift registry you've created, just follow these easy steps:
    • Log on to www.WaahIndia.com.

    • Click on the "Log In" button located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

    • Enter your User Id and password.

    Once you are logged in, Select 'More' (green bar, right) and select 'Gift Registry' from the drop down list of things. Once you go to the Gift Registry page - you will see icons for each of your registries beneath the header "Create & Manage your registries online."
    If you haven't yet created a free www.WaahIndia.com account, simply follow the below directions in order to create one and access any registries you have created.
    • Log on to www.WaahIndia.com .

    • Click on "Sign Up" located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

    • From the "Gift Registries" page, follow the page, it is self-explanatory and then associate your registry to your newly created account by checking the appropriate box.